JS Pallet Company, Incorporated
60 Lockbridge Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860
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Since entering the recycled pallet business nearly 40 years ago, JS Pallet has demonstrated a strong commitment to recycling. Currently J S Pallet recycles over 2000 tons of waste wood per years. Some is converted into electricity at a clean burning generating plant. Much of it we color with our Fecon Machine and sell by the yard as mulch for landscaping. During the winter, all of our waste wood is burned in our own  wood-fired burner as a secondary heat source.  We certify that none of our wood ever goes to a landfill.

JS Pallet is very committed to recycling and caring for the environment. During the grinding process, the nails are extracted by a magnetic drum on the Rotochopper and dropped into a hopper for recycling. The yard is also swept clean by a vehicle that is equipped with a magnet. The magnet collects any nails or other metal debris that may be found throughout the yard. This scrap metal is also recycled as is all of our cardboard.