Reconditioned Pallets

J S Pallet Company maintains its outstanding reputation for quality by inspecting every pallet that is returned to our facility. Each pallet is inspected, sorted and repaired to J S Pallet’s high quality standards. Our customers count on J S Pallet to consistently deliver quality reconditioned pallets in an array of grades, in great condition and without protruding nails.

Reconditioned pallets provide a great cost savings to our customers. With a wide selection of reconditioned pallets in inventory, we always have pallets to meet the needs of our customers located in Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ), Connecticut ( CT ), New Hampshire ( NH ), and other New England states.

As a full service company we offer a pallet repair and/or a pallet purchase program for customers who receive pallets in their system. Our pallet repair program provides additional savings by repairing pallets “at a discounted rate” and keep an active inventory of our customers’ pallets at our facility for delivery.

Our pallet purchase program will sort standard pallets from a customer’s loads and in turn we will purchase these non-repaired standard pallets. We will provide a trailer at your facility to allow for storage of your pallets, then transport them back to our facility, where we perform the repairs which results in payment or credit.

JS Pallet is also very committed to recycling and caring for the environment. J S Pallet recognizes the responsibility to recycle our unusable lumber when reconditioning our pallets on a daily basis.

Contact JS Pallet Company for all or your reconditioned pallets and purchase pallet needs.