JS Pallet Company, Incorporated
60 Lockbridge Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860
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About Us

We are a full service pallet manufacturing company dedicated to helping you optimize your pallet usage and turnaround.

With over forty years of experience, we are constantly improving and developing new methods for manufacturing the highest quality pallets at competitive prices.

The members of our professional staff are the pallet experts when it comes to pallet construction, reconstruction as well as recycling.  In fact JS Pallet was one of the first pallet companies to implement recycling operations and continues to lead the way in what is now a vital cost savings area for large pallet users.

Our rotochopper, the largest of its kind, grinds broken and irreparable pallets. The scrap is used as landscape mulch or converted into clean burning electric energy.

Our professional staff will provide you with an on-site analysis to assist you in determining your proper pallet usage.  We can provide customized pallet sizes and styles best suited for your individual requirements.  Let us put our experience to work in helping you optimize your warehouse storage space.

JS Pallet operates out of a seven acre facility in Pawtucket, RI. Our fleet of 6 tractors and 100 trailers service customers in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The JS Pallet team includes our in-house master mechanic, who maintains and inspects all tractors and trailers to ensure their safety and reliability.

Cold winters snows don't stop the production operations of JS Pallet customers, so we can’t stop our production either. JS Pallet customers can count on us to come through 12 months per year in good weather and bad.

JS Pallet is consistently accessible for immediate inbound and outbound deliveries. Our loading docks can accommodate 18 loading and unloading trailers simultaneously.  As an added service, JS Pallet  offers trailers for short-term, on-site storage or for customer pallet removal.