ISPM 15-Compliant Heat Treated Wood Pallets

What Are Heat Treated (ISPM 15) Pallets?

If you are an export pallet or overseas shipper, heat treated wooden pallets are a business necessity. Due to the deadline put into place from the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), ISPM 15 standards must be applied to all wood products exported to other countries. All new pallets designated for export are heat treated, certified and stamped in compliance as part of the certification process.

In addition, the heating schedule for wood packaging material should achieve a minimum core temperature of 56⁰C (133⁰F) for a minimum of 30 minutes. The U.S. certification program for heat treatment is administered by the American Lumber Standards Committee.

J S Pallet Company can heat treat standard wooden pallets and custom wooden pallets to meet the proper specification. Our “WoodSave” heat treating trailer ensures that all of our heat treated wooden export pallets are in full compliance for overseas shipping, and arrive at your facility with proper certification.

At J S Pallet Company we believe that heat treating is the safest and most reliable way to treat any wood pallet for export.

Are you getting ready to ship overseas for the first time? Do you need help with any of your export shipping requirements?

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